Bird nets are made of plastic and are long-lasting, hygienic, good value for money, and do not harm the birds in any way. MPC has different mesh openings effective for different sized birds. Nets protect structures from pigeons, mynas, and sparrows

MPC Pest
MPC Pest
MPC Pest

High Performance Bird Control Pest Management Services

MPC is the premier provider of professional bird control solutions and products.

We understand the great need to protect public and private property from the risks of birds, such as pigeons, sparrows, and starlings. These birds infest public areas, houses, hospitals, schools, food manufacturing, processing and service establishments (among many others). If you have a bird infestation, our Bird Control Integrated Pest Management™ Protocol department can help!

We offer an extensive line of bird deterrents to help solve bird problems in commercial, industrial and residential settings. Our team of bird control experts can help remedy any existing bird problem while deterring them from coming back in the future.

MPC Pest


At MPC, we combine the expertise of our Urban Birds management programme with five integrated components for the highest caliber results.

Our Pest Bird Control services include:

  • Bird management surveys
  • Evaluation of sanitation standards conducive to attract birds
  • Exclusion and habitat alteration
  • Repellents and exclusionary devices
  • Quality Assurance follow up to guarantee results
MPC Pest

How can birds create problems for us?

Pigeons, starlings, sparrows, and crows are the most common pest birds. Large pest bird flocks are a nuisance in public spaces. Bird faeces or droppings deface structures, accelerate property deterioration, cause food contamination, and transmit diseases. Straw, sticks, and grasses in bird nests generate debris that clogs equipment and pipes. Birds have numerous diseases including pigeon ornithosis, encephalitis, histoplasmosis, and host ticks or other insect ectoparasites. If birds settle into a nest around your property their eviction is a challenge.

Our Net-based solution:

  1. Nets are durable, strong and waterproof.
  2. Nets are aesthetically most appropriate for residential & commercial purposes.
  3. Nets are translucent and are nearly invisible.
  4. Nets have simple installation and are low maintenance.

What can you do to prevent birds at your home?

  • Place shiny or reflective objects at entry points to deter birds. If you place metallic wrapping papers or plastic ribbons, or old CDs, near the resting, or landing areas, they repel birds.
  • Effigies or bird scarers keep birds away to an extent. Replicas of bird predators like cats or owls deter nuisance birds from nesting or landing. Wooden, metal, or predator effigies of other materials withstand the outdoor environment and help repel nuisance birds.
  • Do not place food at landing or roosting sites.
MPC Pest


They are just birds. What harm could they do? The answer is a great deal! Every year companies, government agencies, school, public spaces, and individuals spend thousands of dollars cleaning up after and repairing the damage caused by pest birds. At MPC, we combine smart pest control solutions with safe and humane bird control products before pesky birds are able to cause damage to your business, community, and reputation.

  • Bird Pest Damage – Nesting and roosting birds leave behind debris and droppings that can cause serious damage to buildings. Bird droppings are acidic and can quickly erode building materials.
  • Health Hazards – Along with the damage that birds cause to buildings, their droppings can carry many harmful transmittable diseases. These diseases can be harmful to children and others, especially those individuals with compromised immune systems. Not to mention, where there are birds, there are typically insects (which can double your pest problem in the long run).
  • Pesky Nuances – Your guests, customers, and passers-by do not want to battle birds when they visit your business, government agency, school or other space. Ridding your space of these pests will show your commitment to the health and safety of your employees, clients, and community at large.


MPC believes that solving a bird problem requires careful planning and the successful integration of several proven approaches. Our Integrated Pest Management™ (IPM™) programme is designed to more than simply eliminate an existing birds’ infestation. Additionally, our solutions are designed to deter new infestations, as well as help reduce the number of other insects and pests associated with birds.

MPC provides various types of repellents and exclusionary devices that are proven to effectively discourage birds from nesting in a specific area. Additionally, these products will cause them to vacate buildings, tree roosts, nesting sites and any other area they are not wanted in. Since not all methods work on all birds’ pest species, our team of dedicated professionals will match one or more of the right solutions to guarantee your extreme satisfaction.

To include:

  • Gel bird repellent – Can be applied to ledges, sills, roofs, peaks, cornices, bridges, and overpasses (etc.) to keep birds from landing. Our oil-based gel repellent is non-toxic and therefore not harmful to birds, people, or the natural environment.
  • Bird net – A heavy duty polypropylene bird net made from U.V. stabilised mesh can be used to keep birds out of a specific area. These nests are available in different sizes, colours, and can be custom-sized upon request.
  • Bird spikes – Effective, humane, maintenance-free permanent stainless steel spikes deter pest birds from landing and roosting on your home, building, or other structure. Additionally, these spikes encourage birds to fly to a different spot. We provide a wide range of spikes, available in different dimensions and shapes. These spikes are very efficient when it comes to deterring small, medium and large birds.

When you partner with the pest management professionals at MPC, you can rest assured you will receive the highest calibre services to rid your property of birds, insects, rodents and more.

MPC Pest

Ready to Fight Birds with MPC?

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