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Prevent Birds from landing anywhere….

DIY and easy to install marine grade stainless steel spikes provides 100% protection on rooftops, ledges, fences, and more and require zero maintenance and can last a lifetime.

Anti Bird Spikes are a versatile, precision engineered bird deterrent device designed to provide effective and humane control of problematic urban birds.

The upward pointing of the stainless steel spikes act as a physical barrier to the birds, preventing them form landing or roosting on ledges, without hurting them. The innovative design provides a pest bird solution to virtually any scenario such as building ledges, gutters, pipes, signage, walls, light fittings and other areas where birds nest and perch.

Anti Bird Spike strips can be used to protect buildings against pigeons, indian mynas, seagulls, etc in a wide variety of situations, from day time perching to night roosting sites and from narrow pipes to wide building ledges.

The base is clear and narrow, allowing these spikes to be installed on narrow pipes, sprinkler systems, etc. Whilst the way the spikes extend out at an angle means they can also be installed on wider ledges. If the ledge you need to protect is wider than this you can simply run a double row of spikes to cover the ledge. These spikes feature stainless steel wires which have the longest life expectancy in harsh environmental conditions.

The use of high tensile stainless steel in particular means birds cannot easily push them out of the way or bend them out of shape. UV-protection of polycarbonate bases further offers a valuable safeguard against cracking or breaking through prolonged exposure to sunlight.

A strip of anti bird spike is designed to have a minimum 7 year life span in service. Anti Bird Spikes are far less visible than plastic ones because they do not reflect sunlight and attract far less dirt, continuing to remain tidy and unobtrusive over an extended period. With a low profile bases that reduce visibility from the ground, with translucent plastic blending well into most building surfaces.

  • Prevent pigeons, indian mynas, sparrows, starlings and other pest birds from perching on your property.
  • Great for any surface and application.
  • Long-lasting polycarbonate base and stainless steel spikes provides years of maintenance-free protection.
  • Easy to install - Attach quickly with UV stabilised silicon adhesive, nails, screws, cable ties, etc.
  • Transparent Polycarbonate base - is practically invisible.
  • Flexible - Mount easily on curved. flat or irregular surfaces.
  • Non-lethal and Environmentally friendly. Bird Spikes do not harm or injure birds.
  • Economical and lightweight - Sturdy polycarbonate base does the same job as stainless steel at a fraction of the cost.
Material: Polycarbonate base and stainless steel wire
Wire Diameter of Spike: 1.27mm
Length of spike: 11.5cm
No. Of Spikes per metre: 60 spikes
Protection Width: 7cm (spike tip to tip)
Base Size: 50cm (L) x 2.2cm(W)
Bird Species - Pigeons, gulls, starlings, indian myna birds, sparrows
Bird Activity - Day-time perching, night-time roosting and some nesting areas.
Infestation - From light to heavily infested areas.
Substrate - Masonry, Steelwork (stainless and galvanised), lead, PVC, PPC, ceramic tiles, glass
Installation - Using a suitable UV stabilised silicon adhesive or clip is critical to increasing life expectancy.
Visibility (wires) - Stainless steel bird spikes are far less visible than plastic bird spikes
Visibility (base) - Low profile base (4.8mm high) will not be seen from the ground level looking upwards
Base Colour - Transparent clear base blends well with most surfaces irrespective of the surface colour
Speed of Install - Quicker to install than other bird deterrent systems saving you time and money
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    Cobus Bester March 20, 2020

    Really happy with this print. The colors are great, and the paper quality is very good.

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    Cobus Bester March 12, 2020

    Really happy with this print. The colors are great, and the paper quality is very good.

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    Cobus Bester March 11, 2020

    Really happy with this print. The colors are great, and the paper quality is very good.

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Perching deterrent spikes are a simple, maintenance-free method of preventing birds from perching or roosting on exposed features such as shop signages, drainpipes, guttering and narrow ledges.

These stainless steel spikes do not harm the birds, they are flexible, withstand UV light and can be installed almost anywhere with a specialist adhesive avoiding the need to penetrate the building shell. This is of particular use when a building surface cannot be drilled as with lead flashing, parapets and capping stones.

MPC Pest

Bird point is available in widths that will protect ledges from 50mm wide up to 320mm in a single row.

It is important to note that despite their flexibility and effectiveness wherever pigeons attempt to perch, bird point is less successful in very sheltered places. Pigeons have even been known to build nests on top of the spikes if it means they get to stay in their preferred nesting area. Don’t worry though; we’ll tell you what’s suitable and guarantee our recommendations so the birds don’t come back.

Gull deterrent spikes are a heavier duty version of the pigeon spikes and have a slightly longer spike, preventing them from landing on the leading edges of buildings, exposed features such as lamp-posts, drainpipes and guttering.

The Birdpoint system is available with plastic or stainless steel prongs from 304 grade to 316 grade stainless.

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How can MPC help you tackle bird problems?

Elimination of birds and destroying their nests are illegal so the best way to control birds is by scaring them away or by repelling them. MPC brings you two most effective ways to repel birds.

Our Spike-based solution:

PVC or stainless steel bird spikes keep pest birds away from structures worldwide.

MPC installs spikes on rooftop edges, ledges, window sills, chimneys, and other bird roosting and nesting places. Spikes prevent pest birds from landing on the perch or roost on spikes. Bird control spikes create a physical barrier and eliminate bird damage and liability and are not harmful, as they only prevent pest birds from landing.

MPC Pest
MPC Pest

How can birds create problems for us?

Pigeons, starlings, sparrows, and crows are the most common pest birds. Large pest bird flocks are a nuisance in public spaces. Bird faeces or droppings deface structures, accelerate property deterioration, cause food contamination, and transmit diseases. Straw, sticks, and grasses in bird nests generate debris that clogs equipment and pipes. Birds have numerous diseases including pigeon ornithosis, encephalitis, histoplasmosis, and host ticks or other insect ectoparasites. If birds settle into a nest around your property their eviction is a challenge.

Benefits of spikes:

  1. Spike installations are 100% effective and repel birds 24X7.
  2. Easy, one-time solution with no maintenance.
  3. Clear, lightweight, less-costly bird control method.
  4. Spikes don’t corrode or decay and are safe for humans.
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What can you do to prevent birds at your home?

  • Place shiny or reflective objects at entry points to deter birds. If you place metallic wrapping papers or plastic ribbons, or old CDs, near the resting, or landing areas, they repel birds.
  • Effigies or bird scarers keep birds away to an extent. Replicas of bird predators like cats or owls deter nuisance birds from nesting or landing. Wooden, metal, or predator effigies of other materials withstand the outdoor environment and help repel nuisance birds.
  • Do not place food at landing or roosting sites.
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Ready to Fight Birds with MPC?

Effective Bird Repellent Spikes

Being plagued by pigeons sitting and pooing over your garden, decking, plants and furniture? Have birds sitting, roosting, or nesting on your railings, fencing, and arches all the time? By installing the PC base stainless steel bird spikes on surfaces where pest birds like to perch could effectively repel birds and prevent the unsightly mess!

Flexible Bird Repellent Solution

Versatile Usage

Stainless steel pigeon bird spikes with flexible plastic base trip can be easily and simply cut to length or bent, which make them suitable for ledges, beams, balcony, railings, flower pot, chimneys, and any surface you want to protect.

Easy Installation

Easy to install, plastic base stainless steel spikes kit comes with pre-drilled holes and glue troughs to make installation fast and easy , also comes with instruction manual.

Why Bird Control

Each year thousands of dollars are spent to clean up after the mess made by urban pest birds. Pest birds such as pigeons, crows and gulls love to use building surfaces to land, roost and build their nests. Bird feces is acidic and will quickly erode building materials; carrying any of 60 transmittable diseases. To prevent the spread of disease and also prevent property damage, it is important to install some sort of bird control system before the bird problem gets out of control.

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