At MPC Cleaning Services we carefully select our carpet washers and products, so all the dirt and grime are gently removed even from in between fibers. Our carpet shampooers thoroughly clean your carpet, reducing the spread of bacteria and the effect of wear.

Additionally, since we do not use any products that contain soap, detergents or other toxic wastes, the fabric life is extended. Get in touch with our team of experts for further information about the other services we offer.

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Carpet Cleaning in Dubai

We all know that carpets are beautiful decorations for our home, however, it can maybe a pain for us to clean. That’s why; MPC offer affordable carpet shampooing and sofa cleaning services in Dubai.

Our team of female cleaners will take care everything to remove the stains, dirt and mud on your carpet or in any upholstery furniture. Whether it is from food or beverages, we will get rid of them. Even on carpet, even you can do that on your own it may not remove totally that is why you need a service from us because we are using the right cleaning materials and equipment to do that.

MPC is one of the best carpet cleaning services in Dubai. We are dealing it seriously and we are a team of experts using non-harmful chemicals on the market because of our ISO Certified.

Each of your upholstery furniture will be taken care of our trained and professionals’ maids. So, you can concentrate on the other things.

If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning in Dubai, just give us a call and we will definitely accommodate you.

We recommend advanced bookings.

Types of carpet cleaning:

In Dubai, there are two types of carpet cleaning methods:

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning makes use of Hot Water Extraction Cleaning (HWE) which starts by applying a cleaning solution on your carpet, followed by brushing and finally, the extractor finishes the job by rinsing the entire surface.

Shampoo cleaning

Shampoo cleaning, on the other hand, doesn’t involve the use of steam. Instead, it consists of cleaning solutions and some good old-fashioned brushing either by hand or by machine.

The difference between the two is that shampooing may have some residue after the cleaning, which can attract unwanted stuff back on to the carpet.

What we recommend is the steam cleaning because it can clean just as well as the shampoo, but it isn’t as abrasive, which means that your carpet will last longer.

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How we work!

Stage 1: Inspection.

The very first step is to inspect the carpet. Having identified the construction and fibre of the carpet then allows us to decide the suitable chemicals and method to proceed cleaning your carpets.

Stage 2: Vacuum.

The second step is to vacuum. We use a heavy duty professional vacuum cleaner that is highly effective at removing loose soil, hair and dust.

Stage 3: Preparation.

Furniture that is to be moved is prepared on plastic sliders and anything that needs to be safeguarded is protected.

Stage 4: Pre-Spray.

Firstly, we spray the carpet with a cleaning solution which we have identified will be perfect for your carpets. The cleaning solution we choose depends on what will be suitable for your carpet’s fibres, the stains that we identify in your home and your family’s needs. For example, greasy stains need different cleaning products to dye based spills, or if you have pets, children, sensitive skin, or any asthmatic family members we need to conscious of the products we are using. We have a wide range of cleaning products to ensure we use the right solution in your home.

Stage 5: Agitation.

We leave the solution to work deep into the fibres of your carpets, then we agitate the pre spray with our state of the art cleaning equipment.

Stage 6: Steam Cleaning.

We then give your carpets a high powered hot water rinse, this rinses the solution from your carpets and kills any living bacteria from your floors.

Why Choose Experts for Your Carpet Cleaning

Even the most luxurious hand-knotted carpet will look dreary and flat if it is weighed down by dust, mites, mold and, dirt. However, vacuum cleaning alone cannot get rid of all the dirt that has built up over time.

On top of adapting carpet cleaning methods to eliminate bacteria and allergens, MPC Cleaning Services ensures that the softness and color of your carpet are restored. Having your flooring washed by an expert will prolong its life and, thus, reduce cost in the long run.

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For really thorough, local carpet cleaning services, trust only the professionals. Book our MPC Cleaning team for professional carpet cleaning services Dubai. Schedule a Signature Service® home cleaning appointment today. You can conveniently book and pay online with any major card.

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