It can be difficult to keep your sofas, recliners, and dining room chairs clean. No matter how hard we try, dirt, grime, and stains always have a way of appearing on our upholstery. When you want to remove these scuffs and marks, it is always a good idea to go with a professional cleaning company.

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Sofa Cleaning in Dubai

The sofa in your house is an all-important place, where you spend more time after bed. You watch television on the sofa or allow sitting your guests. While watching TV, it’s not uncommon for munching snacks. During the long use, the sofa’s upholstery absorbs dirt, food particles, animal fur, and grime that ultimately lead to the development of bacteria, yeast, mold, and fungus, deep in the corners and gaps of the sofa. These bacteria and fungus also cause not only bad odor, they pose a serious threat to human health. They produce allergy-related issues and respiratory diseases. So, there is an urgent need to clean-up your sofa connect with affordable sofa cleaning services in Dubai. Though you can use any homemade solution or steam cleaner on a regular basis, the best results could be generated only after hiring professional service. Regular sofa cleaning without the proper technique or the equipment implies you can not get down to all those dirt and bacteria, hidden beneath the covers and deep inside the sofa. The professionals come with long experience and the latest equipment that offers excellent cleaning results. If you have been avoiding sofa cleaning service over the years, it’s the right time to call professional sofa cleaners. Cleaning your old-looking and very dirty sofa comes with psychological and health benefits. So, think twice before you put off your sofa cleaning indefinitely.

Why Professionals?

You can attain amazing benefits when you hire professional sofa cleaners in Dubai. The sofas are made up of different materials such as leather, fabric, microfiber, and others. The experts know about the maintenance regarding the materials. They have specific methods and cleaning agents for each type of sofa. So, hire a professional sofa cleaner and allow them to do their best.

Advantages Of Hiring Professionals

Promote freshness – Professional sofa cleaning companies employ all the latest and modern equipment to get the work done correctly and perfectly. They successfully remove all the dirt, dust and contaminants from the sofa. They use eco-friendly, child-friendly, and pet-friendly products and take all the necessary precautions. This vanishes the bacteria odor and you feel refreshed.

Skilled And Experienced

The professional cleaners are well experienced and have skills in cleaning all kinds of sofa. They have been well trained and possess long experience in this field of Best sofa cleaning Dubai. They perform their task rightly on any type of sofa as they know the efficient ways to do that. If you want your sofa looking like new, hire the professional's sofa cleaners in Dubai.

Bring Back Original Texture

The professional cleaners use a variety of services to bring back the sofa’s texture and beauty. Apart from removing the stain and dirt, the professionals also try to restore the sofa’s original color. The regular service extends the lifespan of the upholstery. They’re able to remove the toughest stains. They effectively deal with tough stains like spilled coffee, pet urine, ketchup, wine, and offer the best results.

Professionals offer better and quicker results in the sofa cleaning service. However, whenever you plan to hire any company for this work, you need to do research on its background and also look for customer feedback on its website. And this will help you to decide whether company is worth hiring or not.

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How we work!

Stage 1: Initial information collection

Our professional team will collect all the details about the sofa when there is an inquiry for deep cleaning of sofa. So the cleaner comes your home with prior information on the sofa. The information includes the number of seats, the current condition of the sofa, the type of dirt and stains embed on the couch, etc.,

Stage 2: The Onsite survey

The cleaner arrives at the customer house. He will check the intensity of dirt and stains on the sofa, and determine the fabric of the sofa from its tag. Then he decides which chemicals, equipment, and strategy for the cleaning based on the fabric of the upholstery. He will choose whether to use normal shampooing nozzle or deep cleaning nozzle with a high level of shampooing, water sucking, and extra brushing.

Stage 3: Pre-Cleaning

The cleaners would remove the dust, sand, and other dirt particles from the surface of the sofas using a powerful vacuum cleaner. We use a lint roller to remove lint or pet hair which the vacuum cleaner can’t remove. If there are any spots or stains, we use special chemical agents to remove those.

Stage 4: Sofa shampooing

We use professional shampooing machine which deals with all the fabric without changing the color and maintaining the fabric status. The cleaner applies the shampoo and water, mixed at normal temperature, on the sofa. This is carefully worked onto the sofa and allowed to penetrate the fiber and remove any grease or oil attached to it. Then the machine will extract out the mixture along with dirt, sterilizing the deep level of the sofa.

Stage 5: Final with Upholstery Brush

There is some difficult part of the sofa unreachable for the machines especially the backside. We do brushing on those areas manually with an upholstery cleaner brush. At the end of the process, all the dirt and stains will be removed from the fabric. We guarantee our result without causing any damage to the upholstery. Also, we are not cleaning only where the dirt is present but the whole sofa itself.

Looking for Sofa Cleaning Services

  • Dry Vacuuming of the sofa
  • Shampooing & Wet vacuuming of Sofa
  • Polishing with leather chemical for Shining

Our sofa cleaning work is not only restricted to homes, but we are equally active in the commercial and corporate sector. In general, we cover the following areas of sofa and broader upholstery cleaning in Dubai.

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Why is sofa shampooing and not steaming?

Both are techniques for cleaning the sofa. We are providing upholstery cleaning services in Dubai for over three years and have tried both. We find the best results in shampooing and got better feedback from our client on sofa shampooing. The fabric and color of the sofa are maintained by the shampooing process.

We do onsite sofa shampooing at your place at a suitable time. You can use the sofa after 3 hours of the service. If we are not able to remove the stains, we will not charge anything. We have vast experience in the field of sofa cleaning services as we have customers on a daily basis with different conditioned sofas. Cleaning the sofa is not a choice it is a requirement and we have customers doing it once in 6 months. We also advise you on the same.

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