We at MPC thoroughly inspect and recommend customised control plans to you for protection of your property from termites. We have fifty years of experience in treating more than thirty-five thousand buildings at Dubai against termites. Our termite solutions are for pre-construction and post-construction anti-termite treatments of buildings.

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Termites also known as white ants live as a social colony consisting queen, king, solders and workers. Queen controls and runs the society as leader for food, security and reproduction. Workers make the tunnel path to harvest cellulose food in any kind of materials in any place.

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Our pre-construction anti-termite treatment

We protect your home from termites through our anti-termite treatment when your building is under construction. This is when our treatment is most effective. After your building is complete and you have laid the tiles, we have limitations in creating an effective termite barrier at your home.

Pre-construction anti-termite treatment commences half a meter below the ground, is affordable and acts as a great selling point for the property’s buyers.

Pre construction anti-termite treatment happens in three stages as described below-

Post construction anti-termite treatment

To stop and prevent the movement of termites from the ground, we drill holes from inside your premises at the junction of the wall and the floor or just above the skirting (depending on the flooring) at an angle of 45 degrees. We drill the holes along the side of the entire outer wall at approximately 30 cm or 12-inch intervals. We pour a pesticide emulsion into these holes to soak the masonry. If your premises are on the ground floor, we also treat the partition walls. We don’t drill on the partition walls above the ground floor because the termites cannot penetrate mechanical barrier of the RCC slabs. It takes us two to three hours to treat a flat of about seven hundred square feet.

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For a one-year AMC after the initial treatment at the start of the contract, our technician will visit your premises for an inspection twice a year and four times a year for the two-year AMC.

In AMCs we carry out re-treatments against termites, if there is a recurrence of termites without any additional cost. We generally detect presence of termites during our inspection or you may find them in the interim of two of our inspections.

External Treatment: We create a chemical barrier between the termites in the soil and the treated building. We drill holes as close as possible to the plinth wall 30 cm. apart if the building has concrete cover or masonry apron around the walls. We pour a termiticide into the soil through equidistant holes to create a chemical barrier for preventing termites or killing them if they cross it.  If your building is on pillars, we drill holes around the pillar for anti-termite treatment and apply termiticide into soil through those holes.

Internal Treatment of the base of masonry walls:  We do the internal treatment at the base of masonry walls and of woodwork like described above in  process of one-year AMC for post-construction anti-termite treatment. We effectively control termites from the soil when we treat your building at the ground level.

All wooden sections of the building: Further, on all floors of a building, we protect susceptible wood-work in doors and windows by treatment like in wall skirting. We spray infested areas in the walls and spot treat the ceiling against termites.

At MPC, we give our customers experience the utmost importance and offer a 60-day warranty and free follow-up visits to ensure that your problem is fully resolved.

Frequency of Inspections

  1. After the initial treatment, we inspect the entire building once every quarter in the first year.
  2. In the second year, we inspect it once every six months for termites.
  3. After two years we make annual visits till the end of the contract.

Our inspection visits are to find out whether there has been any re-infestation of termites. If there is termite re-infestation, we do a corrective treatment at no added cost. If you spot termites in the tenure of our warranty, you can call us for treating the affected part of your premises.

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What can you do to prevent termites at your home?

  • Avoid moisture accumulation at the foundation of your home as water attracts termites.
  • Divert rainwater through functioning downspouts, gutters and splash blocks.
  • Ensure ventilation in crawl spaces to regulate and control humidity.
  • Eliminate soil contact of structural wood by keeping a gap of more than one inch between the soil and wood at your home.

Troubles termites can cause in your house!

Termites are winged insects of the insect order Isoptera and feed on decaying plant materials. Termites’ guts have a cellulose-degrading enzyme to help them feed on wood, paper, cloth, straw or any other material containing cellulose.

Subterranean termites are most destructive as they build distinctive tunnels or “mud tubes” to reach food sources and protect themselves from open air. Termites are not visible when they move inside mud tubes and they may cause extensive damage to wood internally prior to detection.

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Ready to Fight Termites with MPC?

Benefits of MPC Termite Control

  1. Termites are such destructive pests that you want your termite treatment to result in termite extermination. These are many termite control companies, but only MPC uses best-in-class chemicals: MPC’S TERMIN-8 is a non-repellent chemical that completely kill even the last termite present.
  2. Local pest control services use cheap chemicals that only repel termites, causing them to spread further and cause extensive damage to your property. Our trained technicians after a thorough examination will drill 450 holes at exactly 1-foot gaps, across all edges touching the floor. These are filled with TERMIN-8 and sealed with chalk and white cement.
  3. Our water - based Drill fill-seal (DFS) Technique was created after years of research, so the chemical in the walls keeps on killing termites, making it a fool-proof termite treatment solution.
  4. A 2BHK home would need two hours for termite treatment and home décor is not affected. Termites disappear in 10-15 days. You are safe, sure and secure with MPC’s termite pest control services.

Our inspection visits are to find out whether there has been any re-infestation of termites. If there is termite re-infestation, we do a corrective treatment at no added cost. If you spot termites in the tenure of our warranty, you can call us for treating the affected part of your premises.

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